Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Silver Linings

I don't know why, but this last week I have been more brain dead than usual...Among other things I have: dropped a freshly baked pie on the floor, put the baby's clothes on backwards, forgotten my phone at least twice, and last but not least, backed our practically brand new car into a telephone pole. I can't really blame my clumsiness and forgetfulness on baby brain any more since my daughter is almost four months old now, and I also can't blame it on lack of sleep since she practically sleeps through the night. I guess sometimes we just have those days, or in my case, those weeks. Sometimes, shit just happens and the dark grey rain clouds seem to follow you wherever you go.

I will admit that it's not always easy seeing that silver lining people always talk about in the midst of the clouds, (like when your brand new car now looks trashed because you backed up into a telephone pole...) but I also think it is easy to take your silver linings for granted.  After my little accident I was obviously pretty upset and a little scared to tell my husband. With insurance, hospital bills, house payments, and all the other expenses that rack up so quickly, I knew that the car's aesthetics would not be a welcoming bill to add on to the list. However, my wonderful husband was not upset in the least. He was completely understanding and immediately made me feel better about the whole situation. Then that night he even showed up at our door carrying flowers and wearing his nicest dress clothes to take me on a dinner date.

It was my favorite day in a long time, even after what had happened. He is my silver lining, but I am also blessed with so many more. After all, my car has more character now and I guess you could say it's broken in. I can still drive it, nobody was hurt, and it doesn't have to get fixed right away. I have the sweetest husband who didn't get upset with me in the least and a beautiful sleeping baby in the back seat who didn't even wake up when it happened.

When the dark cloud don't seem to go away though, it's so easy to get caught up in the things that are going wrong and forget about the things that are going right. It's so easy to focus on the dark clouds instead of the silver linings. Sometimes you may have to look a little harder but they are always there, and the days (or weeks) you feel like you can't get anything right may end up being some of the best days of your life. You just have to get through the storm to see all the beautiful silver linings.