Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My knight in jeans and a Rockies hat

Five years ago today (give or take a day or two...) I met my one and only other half, and I guess you could say that the Rockies played a very important roll in our relationship and is probably one of the main reasons that we are happily married today. How you may ask? Here's how the story goes, and excuse me if some of the facts are a little wrong, it has been five years after all. ;)

It all started at Magic Mountain. My family and some close friends took a California trip in the Summer of 2011. We took the extremely scenic and long route starting in Colorado and going up through Washington state and then down the coast and through the Redwoods. It was a lot of driving, but definitely an epic trip. On one of the days the older kids went to Magic Mountain with a big group of people from the California Church. some of which we knew and some we had never met.

Amidst all the new faces, one stuck out in particular, partly because he was tan and had nice teeth and was really cute, and partly because he was wearing a Rockies hat.  I was born and raised in Colorado, so I have been a Rockies fan from birth, and the last thing I was expecting to see was a good looking California boy wearing a Colorado Rockies hat. I immediately thought he was awesome and wanted to talk to him. I did a little bit, but found out later he had a girlfriend, so I moved on and didn't really think too much more about him.

Fast forward two years, I'm eighteen and single, and randomly my friend tells me that Ben, (The cute California Rockies fan) is also single. So without much hesitation, I got his number and started texting him, and I guess you could say the rest is history. Our next California trip that same summer, we went to his house and at that point I was head over heels and there was no going back.

I thank God that he decided to wear that
hat that day, because little did I know five years later we would be married and have a sweet adorable baby girl, all thanks to the Rockies. ;)

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