Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Scarecrow

I'm awoken from sleep, and I start to remember
There's a smell in the air that means it's September.

The field is awaiting and so are the crows,
Though I doubt I can scare them in these ragged clothes.

Autumn approaches but you know, after all,
I have never been a great lover of Fall.

The crows bore me to tears and the corn does too
And it grows so tall that it blocks my view.

I can't see the bonfires that are roaring nearby 
Or the children as they throw leaves in the sky. 

And I just wish I could taste that smell in the air 
Of the apple and pumpkin pies being prepared.

Though there's nothing quite like an October sun rise
It does wake up the crows and get in my eyes.

It is a great pleasure to feel the crisp breeze 
And watch the leaves twirl as they fall from the trees.

And there are I suppose lovely colors displayed  
on calm quiet evenings of still Autumn days.

There are some Fall  things that aren't bad I confess,
But a scarecrow's opinion isn't the best.

If the crows weren't so dull and the corn weren't so tall
I think I could actually learn to love Fall. 

Written by: Yours Truly. ;)

Our childhood scarecrow who almost always makes his Autumn debut. "Jack the Haystack" has been around since before I can remember and he was always a necessity to bringing on the season.

The rather old picture was stolen from my Mom, Lisa Davis. Thanks Mom. ;) 

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