Friday, June 24, 2016

All Things Free and Beautiful

If you are familiar with my first blog you would know that I am a sucker for everything that is free. It's kind of like a weird obsession/addiction for me I guess, Not that I go dumpster diving or picking up things on the side of the road or anything,  (it hasn't reached that point yet...)
 And it's not like I am super poor and wanting handouts, or that I can't afford to buy most the reasonable things I want.  It's just there is a huge satisfaction factor to getting something and not paying for it. Which is why my amazing husband got me a Costco membership...So I can go there on Saturdays and get a whole meal of delicious free samples without paying a penny. (I also buy diapers and some other things there so the membership pays for itself. ;))

Or the simple pleasure when I have nothing better to do of going through a drive thru and getting a cup of ice, going to my bank and getting free coffee and then going to the gas station and finishing it off with creamer. Viola free iced coffee. ;) It's the best if it's free, but I am also always on the lookout for deals like $.25 slurpee Fridays at the gas station or buy get one free Frappes at Mcdonald's or half off Frappucino's at Starbucks. It totally makes my day and I seriously just can't pass it up.

 So where I'm going with this you might ask? Well, I found this amazing site the other day that has all of these awesome deals for things you can get for free.  A lot of them are places that give you free things on your birthday.  (My birthday is next week...) Sooo, I will be going to Denny's for my free breakfast,  Jersey Mike's for lunch, Baskin Robbin's for dessert and Red Robin or Olive Garden for dinner.  Ok, I might not do all of those, but I COULD! Plus dress up like a pirate and get a dozen free donuts day is coming up at Krispy Kreme!

Without further ado, I am sharing with you my incredible discovery 
If you enjoy free stuff as much as I do, or if your birthday is coming up, you are going to thank me! ;)

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