Saturday, June 11, 2016

One Year and Counting

Two days from now marks our one year anniversary, and what an awesome one year it's been.  Ben and I were just talking yesterday about how much has happened in that year. We got married, bought a house, got a new car, went to the Bahamas, had a baby. It's been a busy and crazy year of firsts for us, and I've loved every minute of it. (Except for the minutes I was annoyed or mad about something, which luckily hasn't been too often...But this year we also had a rat infestation, got our window shattered from the wind, and dented our brand new car) Overall though, it really has been an amazing year, I'd even say the best year of my life...And it all started on the best day of my life.

Posing for one of the last times as a single lady

With my beautiful Mom :)

All the single ladies

I don't know...

I really don't know...

Almost ready to walk

The vows. So lucky to have my two younger brothers and amazing family friends on the altar, and to have my sisters and closest friends right beside me. Also for my older brothers to be usher, DJ, organist and choir director.

For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do we part

Man and Wife

The whole group...We've got big families as you can tell

My family

Me and the boys

Me and my man

Making it official

No turning back now. :)

There were so many blessings that day and awesome people who made everything the best it could possible be. We were lucky enough to share it with my Grandparents who had their 55th anniversary the day before, and with all mine and Ben's family.  Thanks to having talented friends and family, we didn't have to pay for a florist (Thanks to my Mom) A DJ (Thanks to my brother, Kevin) A limo (Thanks to my brother, Paul) A photographer (Thanks to my cousin, Wendy) An epic slideshow (Thanks to my Dad)  and an open bar, reception hall and countless other things from my Grandparents. 

Plus thanks to so many other people who traveled from California, Florida, Canada and beyond to make it for my unforgettable day. Especially though, thanks to my amazing husband for putting up with me through all the pre-wedding blues and for all the time and effort he put in from the moment he asked me to be his wife. Not to mention all the time and effort he put in since he asked me to be his girlfriend, and the whole year up until now since I've been his wife. Needless to say, he has put in a lot of time and effort for me. ;) 

I am just so in love and couldn't possibly be happier with anyone else, and I am so looking forward to the many awesome years to come. :)