Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gettin' Crafty

So, I have always liked doing craft type stuff and trying to be creative. With the help of Pinterest I can feel pretty crafty and creative and come up with some cute stuff sometimes.  (Pinterest helps a lot!!) I decided to start trying to sell some things I've been making on Etsy. I'm still in the learning process of how it all works, but here's the link to my "market"

Hopefully I'll be able to put more stuff up soon, but for now it's just these. :)

If I can sell some things, it'll be nice to have a little extra income to spend on stuff I want but probably don't really need. (After all it's extremely hard to pass up cute clothes for Daria...or for myself for that matter.) So, if you're interested or have any requests hit me up. :)

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