Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Choose from the following

I just want to start off by asking you to please bare with me as this is my first blog post and my writing skills are not as refined as they were when I was in school.  It's been like four years since then, so please cut me some slack.  Hopefully it will improve as I go along. ;) So without further ado...

You've probably heard it been said before that life is kind of like a test, (and it has been like four years since I've been in school, so luckily I haven't had to deal with those for a while...) But as I was saying, we are always being put to the test by the little and big choices we have to make in our lives on a daily basis. Some of those choices we make don't really have a right and wrong answer and we won't necessarily be graded on them, but most of our decisions do have a right and wrong answer and consequences will follow depending on what option we choose.

A lot of times we are given "choose from the following" questions.  Actually every single morning we are faced with one of those questions. We can choose to:

  • A. Stay in bed and ignore reality 
  • B. Get out of bed and wish you could ignore reality
  • C. Get out of bed and choose to be happy 
(Usually my choice is actually D. which is "Get out of bed and drag myself to the Keurig, and after a cup of coffee then decide to be happy. ;)

What you end up deciding can determine the rest of your day, or even the rest of your week or month or year. The nice thing about it is that the choice is always up to you. And happiness is always an option, no matter what's going on in your life or how hard and inconvenient it may seem at the time. What you have to remember is that your choice can effect your attitude about situations, and your attitude can really effect everything.

Your success in life and ultimately the final goal of getting to Heaven is all about your attitude.  When something goes wrong in your life, and the shit hits the fan, you are always gonna have the "choose from the following" question and after that you can make any situation better, and get through it with your head held high, if you have a good attitude.  

Even if you are born a "glass half empty" type person, you can choose to fill your glass until it's all the way full, and just keep the attitude that it's gonna remain that way.  And then make it remain that way, no matter how hard people try to spill it or knock it over. 

It really isn't as hard as it seems. The best part about our "life test" is that we don't have to take it alone.  It's always open book, and we always have the best teacher right beside us, which is God. Even if you can't hear his answers right away, He is always there.

To end this soliloquy...(This is probably the most I've written in like four years by the way, and it's a good thing I'm not getting graded on it. ;)) When life gives you a "choose from the following," make sure you choose happiness and also that God is involved in all your choices, because He's the only one who knows all the answers, and He is the best one to help you pass the test.


  1. Yes, indeed! Be a cup is half full person -- and always be brewing more coffee... Awesome seeing you on the blogosphere! I grade a solid A! Would have been an A+ if there were more pictures of the baby!

  2. Oh so true! It's so easy to just complain and hope the situation goes away but then that drags the people you complain to down and it doesn't make anything better. I hope I can lead by your blog and be a happy Sophie all the time! James would certainly appreciate it ;) Coffee always makes life easier :) Yes, I agree with your mom! Where's baby Daria at?